Benefits of RTP

Multi-trip returnable packaging offers many benefits when compared to traditional single-trip disposable options. RTP provides a cost effective, durable and sustainable solution.

  • In store merchandising and display.
  • Reduce supply chain packaging costs.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint to help environmental objectives.
  • Protects from product damage, reduces handling, provides improved protection and promotes a consistent condition e.g improved chill air-flow.
  • Optimise pallet, warehouse and vehicle efficiency: stackability optimises vehicle fill and back of store storage.
  • Standardisation facilitates automation.
  • Can provide end-to-end supply-chain visibility using barcode or RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) labels for product and RTP assets.
  • Active RFID tags can alert to "out-of-tolerance" events, e.g. temperature variations.
  • Standard unit loads & barcode or RFID facilitate automated DC operations: storage, picking and cross-docking.
  • Washable and hygienic.  



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