Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) is a powerful technology, which allows assets and individual items to be identified and tracked around the supply chain, quickly, efficiently and 100% reliably.

Logtek is the leading provider of RFID-enabled returnable equipment, together with the powerful end-to-end systems required to collect and process information. Using the Lintracker platform, RFID information can be read and, more importantly, processed to:

  • deliver accurate information on an assets current location
  • provide historical usage and location information
  • ensure 100% accurate deliveries from suppliers
  • Monitor and manage sensitive temperature and date-life deliveries
  • Increase on-shelf availability of goods
  • Improve asset cycle information
  • Decrease transit times, and optimise supply chain deliveries

Logtek is well positioned to help your business deliver incredible value from this powerful technology.


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