Asset Management

 What does Logtek consider Asset Management to be?

The effective control of Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) in a logistics network. Working to maximise effective use of the RTP by improving ‘turns’, reducing stock holding, minimising loss and reducing misuse. 

RTP includes, but not exclusively, trays, pallets, dollies and roll cages; any equipment that can carry products within the network and is returned to a control point to be re-used.


 What is a typical Logistics Network?

In our view there is no such thing as a typical Logistics Network. Each network has its own challenges and therefore opportunities for us to prove our capability: to work with our customers to achieve network optimisation.  By using our knowledge and experience, we ensure controls and processes are in place to minimise loss, maximise use and reduce cost.


 What is Lintracker?

Lintracker is Logtek’s proprietary asset management system.

The system is used at all key touch points in the supply chain to record the movement of assets, ideally as they happen.  


Benefits of Lintracker

  • Easy to Use
  • Intuitive, modern, clean interface
  • Can be licensed for clients to use themselves
  • Handles any type of reusable items e.g trays, pallets, dollies, roll cages
  • Multi-language enabled
  • Runs on Microsoft PCs, Apple IOS and Android
  • Interfaces with ERP, WMS Systems
  • IE / Firefox / Chrome and Safari compliant




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